Project Firstline- A conversation with Drs Anna Ogena and Carla Laos

Vaccine and Infection Control Video Series

PPE Guindance During Vaccination

Infection Control for Staff After COVID-19 Vaccination

Office Procedures for Vaccinations


The Basics of Infection Transmission

Principals of Using PPE Safely

Recognizing Risk in Your Daily Work

Communicating with Patients and Families

Basic Ventilation - Filtration

Transmission-based Precautions


Epidemiology Routes of Transmission COVID-19

Applying Current IPCGuidance for COVID-19 at your Job and Facility

Epidemiology Routes of Transmission COVID-19

Infection Control and Prevention

CDC Project Firstline Video Series

What’s the Goal of Infection Contol

Sars-Cov-2? Covid-19? What’s the Difference?

What’s a Respiratory Droplet? Why Does it Matter?

Why is Eye Protection Recommended?

Cleaning? Disinfection? What is the Difference?

Do We Really Have to Talk About Hand Hygiene? Again? Yes!