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Grand Rounds:Archive

"Beyond Amoxicillin: An Evidence -Based Approach to Otitis Media and Strep Pharyngitis" - Dr. Weinberg

"A Mindful Approach to Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents" - Dr. Susan Beesley

"Building a Trauma Transfer Network" - Dr. Fenton

"Help Me Grow Alaska- Connecting Alaskan Children and Families to Resources and Support" - Elizabeth Schultz and Marcy Ash

"Advancements in Epilepsy Surgery" - Dr. J. Hauptman

"Fluoride" - Dr. Charlotte Lewis

"School Based Health Centers: History and Evidence" - Dr. Patti Clay and Heather Ireland, MSW

"EMG and Peripheral Neuromuscular Disease in the Pediatric Population" - Dr. Irissa Devine

"Pediatric Orthopedic Upper Extremity Imaging and Pathology" - Dr. Jason Gray Marconi

"Expanding the Footprint of Behavioral Health: Implementation of a Universal Suicide Screen" - Dr. Kelly Cleary & Dr. Jeanne Marconi

"Physical Activity and Sports Participation" - Dr. Cory Noel

"Pediatric Sedation" - Dr. Cliff Ellingson

"Let’s Talk Positive Parenting Strategies to Help Children with ADHD Thrive" - Dr. Nerissa Bauer

"Preterm Nutrition" - Dr. Meghan Rose

"The Zero Suicide Framework: Best Practices in Suicide Care and Efforts by the Division of Behavioral Health" - Charity Lee

"Yellow and Red and Black Oh My! Hematuria" - Dr. Sarah McHugh

"Better light than never: updated guidelines on neonatal hyperbilirubinemia" - Dr. Lili McKinley

"TORCHES Burn Brighter: The Negative Impact of COVID 19 on Curbing Congenital Infections" - Dr. Julia Hadley

"Pediatric Orthopedics" with Dr. Dan Brown

Dr. Sarah Murphy - "Climate Change and Health”

A Survey of Pediatric Inpatient Services in Alaska.

Interdisciplinary Pain Management: An Overview for Pediatricians with Dr. Gaultney and Dr. Ekstrom

AAP 2021 Annual Meeing

Grand Rounds March 22. POTS with Dr. Scott Wellman

Dr. Jered Weinstock on Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

Dr. Elisha Brownson on Imaging Decisions in Pediatrics

Common GI Problems Encountered in Primary Care with Dr. Michael Malandra

Neonates and COVID-19: The Challenge of Constantly Changing Care- Dr. Evelyn Rider

Craniomaxillofacial Trauma in Children and Young Adults: Dr. Jason Dashow

Be SMART: Preventing Child Death and Injury Through Secure Firearm Storage

Managing Pediatric Seizures across the Alaskan Health Systems- Dr. Rod Smith

Maternal Child Death Review. Katey Soellers, BA, State of Alaska Division of Public Health, Section of Maternal Child Health Epidemiology Unit

Grand Rounds Robyn Husa, PhD and Patrick Sidmore, MS: ACE;s and Academic Impact

25 years of Advocating and Leading Programs for Young Children in Alaska presented by Joy Lyons

Grand Rounds September 28 - Vaccine Update with Ros Singelton, MD and Matt Bobo, MPH

Grand Rounds September 14 - Dr. Emily Davis

Grand Rounds May 18: From Clinic to Home: Empowering School Age Kids to Be Healthy- A Lifestyle Medicine Based Approach- Dr. Michelle Dalal

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Grand Rounds April 20: Dr. Stephen Marks- NHLBI Asthma Guidelines Focused Update

Grand Rounds: Early Childhood Feeding and Obesity - Dr. Sandra Hassink

E-Cigarettes-Before and During a Global Pandemic- Dr. Melinda Rathkopf

Strabismus: C what you know -Dr. Robert Arnold