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Grand Rounds

Due to the pandemic, we have put in-person Grand Rounds on hiatus. We are currently holding virtual grand rounds via Zoom as programs become available to us. Please watch out upcoming events list for these programs. We hope to return to a regularly scheduled Grand Rounds program in September.

To get Zoom link information for a Grand Rounds talk, please email and tell us which session you would like to attend.


"Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing" - Dr. Ross Dodge

"How do we solve a problem like guns: the horrid truth and hopeful future" - Dr. Ben Hoffman

"Pediatric Osteoarticular Infections" - Dr. Jason Capo

"Pediatric Dyslipidemia" - Dr. Brad Dayton

"Advocating for Alaska’s Kids: 2024 Legislative Session" - Jen Griffis, Alaska Children's Trust

"Contraception: Considerations for Adolescents" - Dr. Yolanda Evans

"Pediatric Orthopaedic Emergencies" - Dr. Dan Brown

"ARFID: Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder" - Dr. Ovidio Bermudez

"Understanding Medicine’s Role in Race and Racism" - Dr. Toni Biskup

"The Diagnoses You Can Never Miss in Pediatric UC/ED" - Dr. Kassie Long

"Optimizing Pediatric Emergency Preparedness Through Simluation" - Dr. Elizabeth Sanseau and NP Susan Romero

"Pediatric Rash Decisions" - Dr. Gina Brown

"An Overview of the 2023 Kids Count report" - Trevor Storrs, President & CEO Alaska Childrens Trust

"Nirsevimab for RSV Prevention in Infants" - Dr. Ros Singleton and Dr. Joe McLaughlin

"Water and Health" - Dr. Adrienne Kishi

"Autism Care in the Primary Care Setting: Roadblocks and New Directions" - Dr. Ellie Pearlman

"Medical Care for Youth in Juvenile Detention" - Dr. Victor Hsiao

"The Only Lane is Safety: Pediatric Gun Violance in the US and Why Healthcare Providers Must Address It" - Dr. Nicole Webb

"Defeating Dr. Google- Addressing Medical Misinformation to Educate Your Community" - Dr. Christina Johns

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