March 26, 2020

A Message from AAP President Dr. Sally Goza

A Message from AAP President Dr. Sally Goza

We continue to be alarmed by the increasingly dire need for increased supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for pediatricians in the hospital and ambulatory settings.

Last week, I joined the leaders of more than a dozen medical societies who asked the President and Vice President of the United States to take action. But we need all of our voices rising together to compel our federal leaders to act.

Never has there been a more urgent moment to make our voices heard on an issue that is so consequential not just to the health of our patients, but to the health and safety of all of you, and all of our colleagues who are doing all they can to save as many lives as possible.

Here’s what you can do today: Call or email your elected officials with the below messages. Phone numbers for your representative and senators can be found below, and our website has all you need to send a quick email (under Key Issues).

Congressman Don Young
Phone: 202-225-5765

Senator Lisa A. Murkowski
Phone: 202-224-6665

Senator Daniel Sullivan
Phone: 202-224-3004

Here are the main messages:

You must act immediately to increase PPE.

  • Introduce yourself by your title and city/state.
  • I am urging you to do everything you can to make sure we have the personal protective equipment we need to safely care for coronavirus patients.
  • In my practice/hospital, I am already seeing shortages and we are just at the beginning of the impact here. {Fill in details from what you are experiencing}.
  • Physicians in other countries are dying because they don’t have basic protective gear. I fear this will happen here too if we do not act immediately.
  • Medical professionals are counting on you – I am counting on you – to make sure we have the masks, gloves, gowns and equipment we need to save our patients and protect ourselves.

You must protect the healthcare workforce.

  • Medical professionals caring for patients during this pandemic do so at great personal risk to their health and safety, especially without proper protective equipment.
  • Please act immediately to protect frontline physicians responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by doing everything in your power to increase the supply of personal protective equipment.

We have also seen what can happen when pediatricians harness the power and reach of social media to put pressure on people in positions of power. Please consider adding your voice online using #GetMePPE, with your own message or one below:

  • I’m a pediatrician in {state}. I am here to protect patients from #COVID19. {insert your senators’ & representative’s Twitter handles} #GetMePPE so I can protect myself.
  • I am a pediatrician in {state} helping to fight #COVID19. We are running out of masks, gowns, gloves and more. I am pleading with our federal leaders for innovative, urgent solutions to this shortage. #GetMePPE

Thank you for all you do, every day, on behalf of children.


Sally Goza, MD, FAAP