July 12, 2016

Facebook Meningitis Awareness Campaign was a huge success!


American Academy of Pediatrics, Alaska Chapter seeks to increase awareness for Meningitis among pre-teens, teens and their parents in Alaska and increase the number of vaccinations for the disease. It seeks to leverage the power of social networks like Facebook to reach these teens and families.


• Increase vaccinations
• Increase awareness of meningitis

Online Marketing Goals

  • Use social media to amplify messages
  • Drive user engagement around the topic
  • Increase click-thrus to partner sites

Target Audiences

  • Pre-teens and teens aged 11 – 18 in Alaska
  • Parents of these teens


For the last month of the campaign, based on previous 3 months of data, we choose to focus just on Parents.Parents of pre-teens, teens and young adults (ages 11 – 20)

A series of Facebook ads were created using imagery to reflect the audience. The goal for each ad was to increase clicks to informative websites to help educate each audience about the disease and raise awareness of the vaccine protocol.

Results for May/June 2016

A total of 5 ads were created with new imagery reflecting more Alaskan looking families and activities, directing the audience to click over to the CDC Meningitis web page. These ads resulted in

  • REACH: these ads reached 24,352 in our target audience
  • FREQUENCY: these ads were shown on average 5.91 times to each adult
  • IMPRESSIONS (reach x frequency): total impressions for this audience was 143,980
  • CLICKS: 4,432 total clicks to the CDC Meningitis website
  • LIKES: 6 total likes spread over 4 different ads
  • SHARES: 5 total shares of the 4 ad posts
  • COST: total ad cost (4 ads) for May/June, $1250


This last campaign was directly on par with the previous 2 months with slightly higher impressions, frequency and click-thrus. We had significantly less engagement. Facebook placed this ad in different locations such as within Facebook apps and other 3rd party placement – which helped with overall impressions but didn’t generate as much engagement.


Throughout the course of this Facebook Campaign to raise awareness of meningitis in Alaska and to spur action in the form of more vaccines, we had a total return of

  • 133,287 people see the ads and read the message
  • 21,141 people click through to the websites to get more information on
  • Total cost of $11,000

Submitted by: Ruth Rosewarne Kimerer, Thrively Digital Internet Strategist